RNS-310 FX Eastern Europe 2018 V10 SD Card

Here is how to prepare SD for RNS310 (VW FX EUROPE EAST V10 2018)

1 – Card EVO/EVO+ (16Gb,32Gb,64G SD) older then summer 2016.
2 – Format card in Windows (by Guiformat.exe utility) and copy `cryptnav` on card . Nothing more!
3 – Start Laptop from boot flash Ubuntu (previously created in PC by LiLi USB Creator)
4 – Copy file mmc and mmc32 to Desktop
5 – Right cick -> open terminal, then go to the Desktop folder ( by command “cd Desktop” )
6 – Make command execution rights by command “chmod 777 mmc32” and “chmod 777 mmc”
7 – Insert the SD in slot. Terminal command “df” and verify the name card.

Somewhere down everything must occur “mmcblk0” + p + a number.
The suffix p “number” is the partition on the card, we are not interested, just use “mmcblk0”.
When you do not see anywhere mmcblk0,
you must try different Laptop with on matherboard integrated cardreader.

Now you can read the original CID by command “cat / sys / block / mmcblk0 / device / cid”

8 – change CID by terminal command:
“sudo ./mmc32 prog_cid / dev / mmcblk0 094150414620534402138a3117011900”
“sudo ./mmc prog_cid / dev / mmcblk0 094150414620534402138a3117011900”

Writing new CID: 094150414620534402138a3117011900
Success! Remove and Reinsert SD card to check new CID.

If you do not see messages about success, remove and reinsert SD card
and check CID by command “cat /sys/block/mmcblk0/device/cid”

Now will be displaying the new CID 094150414620534402138a3117011900
You should see 094150414620534402138a3117011901 line.
The last two characters may be different, for example, be 69.
If CID changed besides the last two numbers, so it’s okay.
On the last two numbers does not matter,
it’s just a checksum, which generates SD card itself.

If the CID unchanged try again command for changing, remove and reinsert SD card
and check CID by command “cat /sys/block/mmcblk0/device/cid”

If not change, try the same command, but with different bit version of mmc,
remove and reinsert SD card
and check CID by command “cat /sys/block/mmcblk0/device/cid”

Torrent: rns310-gpseraeu Password: gpseraeu


7 thoughts on “RNS-310 FX Eastern Europe 2018 V10 SD Card

  1. brokoljub

    Hey, just wanted to ask if the SD Card has to be EVO or EVO Plus? I see that one the video you are using the Kingston brand. Thanks.

  2. Lukas Mondo

    Hi, I just want to ask you, if I will be able to use SD card again on other devices (like smartphone) after updating maps to car nav. Because I have red something about assingment SD card to car nav.

  3. mehdi

    is there an easier way to get the these maps on a readable SD card?
    like a program that does all these steps,

    just asking,


  4. Sifaw

    Hola buenos dias
    Puede hacer un tutorial sobre cómo grabar un GPS 315 v 10 en una tarjeta SD
    muchas gracias

  5. Stefanos Panagi

    “4 – Copy file mmc and mmc32 to Desktop”
    Where do I find them. Thanks.


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